At Forte Technologies, we service a variety of industries including Aerospace, Telecommunications, Networking, Consumer, Industrial and Contract Manufacturing. We recognize the manufacturer’s need to maintain a continuous and flexible flow of product in order to sustain a balanced production line. This is why we stock, and have access to, over a billion components ready to ship for next day delivery!

We work with many Fortune 500 companies to provide a wide range of value-added products and services:

International Sourcing

We can cross reference, track and locate any part in the domestic or international semiconductor market in seconds via our part-tracking system.


Whether we’re tracking scarce components or volume shipments per a bill of materials, Forte Technologies can deliver your requirement on time, every time, no matter how quickly you need it.

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

Vendor Managed Inventory or (VMI) is a process where the vendor creates orders for customers based on demand information that they receive from the customer. The vendor and customer are bound by an agreement which determines inventory levels, fill rates and costs. This arrangement can improve supply chain performance but reducing inventories and eliminating stock-out situations. The goal of Vendor Managed Inventory is to provide a mutually beneficial relationship where both sides will be able to more smoothly and accurately control the availability and flow of goods For more information, please ask us for details with how Forte can implement a program that will work for your specific needs.


Established, long-term relationships with major OEMs throughout the world ensure a strong financial position, allowing us to offer credit terms to qualified customers.

Excess Inventory Program

We can tailor a program specific to your company, allowing for flexibility and optimum equity for you, the customer.


With our current inventory, we are able to quote 15% to 20% less than factory or franchise on many commodities..

Market Analysis

Real time Information showing commodity pricing and worldwide inventory levels.

Warehousing and Inventory

With over 50,000 square feet, we stock and control inventory from warehouses in San Diego, Tijuana, Mexacali and Chihuahua Mexico using a high-tech system with independent databases for each customer.

Q.C. Measures

Forte has board-level insurance up to $10 Million. If any Forte supplied component compromises a build, Forte will pay the entire build value. All materials are factory sealed, include certificate of compliance with liability, and carry a 100% guarantee for form, fit and function for 24 months.

Cost Reduction Program

Forte Technologies can lower material costs up to 80% below market through our vast inventory and OEM supplier rewards program. Our stock option program allows us to augment our own stock with the stock of some of the world’s largest OEMs, saving our customers millions of dollars while lowering their PPV.

RoHS Conversion Pb to Non Pb

Forte Components RoHS Conversion service allows us to convert leaded parts into actual RoHS-compliant product. All parts that we convert come with our RoHS Compliant Certificate.

Learn More About RoHS Conversion

Plastic and Metal Reclamation and Recycling Services

With offices in the US, Europe and India, we have the presence and logistics to quickly and successfully convert your excess.

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Quality Assurance

Quality at Forte Technologies

Customer satisfaction is the number one priority at Forte Technologies. The Forte Technologies Quality Management (QMS) is focused on understanding customer requirements and striving for excellence in Quality, Delivery, and Service.

The Forte Technologies Quality Management System is compliant to ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System Requirements. Our Distribution Center is compliant to JESD 31 General Requirements for Distributors of Commercial and Military Semiconductor Devices and ESD 625 Requirements for ESD Control. Forte Technologies Distribution Center is also compliant to AS9120 Aerospace Requirements for Stocking Distributors and ANSI/ESD S20.20 ESD Control Program requirements. At right is a list of our Standard Operating Procedures, ensuring the quality of your service with us.

Quality Policy

The Forte Technologies Quality Policy is to bring the Customer an usurpassed standard of quality service through superior product marketing, in-depth inventory, professional selling procedures and one of the most reliable operational systems in distribution and logistics.

Environmental Policy

Forte Technologies recognizes its responsibility for protecting the environment, preventing polution and meeting regulatory requirements for environmental protection. We work in partnership with Customers and Suppliers to understand environmental issues and support environmental improvement initiatives.

Lead Free and RoHS Compliance

Forte Technologies provide Customers with advanced notification of Lead Free product transition, product obsolescence, specification changes, product identification changes, product marking changes and package labeling changes. Additionally, we can help customers plan material requirements to ensure uninterrupted supply.

Counterfeit Screening

Other Services

We are currently working with a number of Fortune 500 companies covering a multitude of markets and provide a wide range of services to accommodate our customers.

  • Component Tape & Reel
  • Legacy Memory
  • Lead Inspection, Repair, Forming & Trimming
  • Test & Integration Serivices
  • Board Level Testing
  • Bar Coding
  • Screening and Temperature Testing
  • Same Day & Counter-to-Counter Delivery
  • Engineering Services
  • RoHS Conversion

Special Programs

All services meet ESD and EIA standards

Contact a Forte representative for furthur details on the following comprehensive programs:

  • Volume Incentive Program
  • Excess Inventory Program
  • Cost Reduction Program
  • Extended Terms for Qualified Customers

Counterfeit Screening

To ensure that all products we sell are 100% authentic, we have set up a counterfeit detection and preventive process, as well as a zero-tolerance policy. All products must pass our rigorous inspection process before being accepted and prepared for shipment. Forte Technologies visually inspects all incoming materials for authenticity verification. Our visual inspection review includes:

  • Inspection L1: Visual Inspection
  • Inspection L2: Engineering Review
  • Inspection L3: Testing
  • Decapsulation Testing
Learm more about Forte Technologies' Counterfeit Screening Counterfeit Screening